Spokers Loan is the musical project of Scottish singer songwriter David Leonard.

David first started playing live in the early 1990's. Initially as bassist with The Naked Flames (a.k.a. Saint), he played with a handful of Indie bands in and around Glasgow before moving to Stirling.

He developed a fascination with traditional Scottish folk music. Attracted to the passion conveyed in the performance of the songs, he began learning both the songs and the history behind them.

Having performed traditional music at ceilidhs and local folk clubs, David began writing his own material. The songs have a contemporary feel but remain strongly influenced by traditional folk music.

He was quickly picked up on the local gig circuit and secured gigs supporting established artists such as Kevin McDermott, Martin Stephenson, Archie Fisher, Hans Theessink, The Pearlfishers, Ewan Macfarlane of The Grim Northern Social, Amy Allison and Dean Owens.

Spokers Loan were the first unsigned band to play at the Stirling:Live music festival. David was also chosen to open the Tolbooth Acoustic Sessions. Both events were covered by Music News Scotland, and Spokers Loan were featured on the front page of the July 2004 edition.

David also started working towards recording his songs. Musicians he had met and played with at open mic sessions provided additional instrumentation.

The tracks were recorded in a simple studio set up at his home, and then mixed down and mastered by Andrew Graeme at The Byre Studio, which is situated in the highlands of Scotland.

The 11-track album clearly demonstrates David's abilities as a songwriter and musician. Strong melodies are combined with powerful, passionate vocals delivering a diverse range of songs of love, loss, betrayal, obsession and hope.

"Spokers Loan" is a street in Balfron, the village in Scotland where David was raised.