July 2006

I played at the Lomond Folk Festival on Saturday 29 July at 4pm.

I opened for Kevin McDermott at Pivo in Stirling on Thursday 27 July at 9pm.

June 2006

I played at the Scribblers Picnic on Sunday 18 June at 3pm. Bruce Michie joined me on Clarinet.

April 2005

"Waiting for the sun to rise" has been played on the Pure Brilliant Podcast (show#11).

"The Belper" has been played on the April 2006 (show#4) Folkcast.

I have been asked if I will assist Heyoka Films in the making of an independent documentary about the camphill charity. Hopefully "We've got everything we need" will be included in the soundtrack.

March 2006

I played at the 13th note in glasgow on March 24th along with Bob Cuba and David Burns.

February 2006

Spokers Loan have been featured in the latest podcast (show #5) by Hugh Morrison at the Pure Brilliant Podcast. "Slip Away" and "Safe from Harm" were played.

"Slip Away" will be played on RadioNowhere on Monday 20th February - show starts at 8pm.

Tracks from the album have also been added to the playlist for w/c 20/02 at The Acoustic Stage.

A big thanks to all involved. These people deserve your support as they give acts like Spokers Loan airplay that may not come about otherwise - please take the time to visit the sites and have a listen!

November 2005

I opened for Hans Theessink at Stirling Folk club on November 21.

September 2005

I opened for Archie Fisher at Stirling folk club on 19 September.

A new Spokers Loan myspace site has been set up. You can visit it via the menu on the left or by clicking here.

"The Belper" was recently played on the tartanpodcast (show #58).

July 2005

We played a set at the Plean Country Park Summer Festival to over 1000 people on 31 July. Other artists included Rubix Touch, Al Mitchell and a number of local musicians.

June 2005

We played a set at the Scribblers Picnic again this year. The charity event was held at Bridgehaugh Rugby Club, Stirling on June 19th. I was joined by Robert McCreadie on Guitar\Mandolin and Bruce Michie on Clarinet.

A review of the album has been posted on the AC music club website. To read it please click here.

May 2005

The album is now available from iTunes Music store. It can be accessed directly by clicking on this link (if the itunes software is installed).

We were chosen to open for Kevin McDermott at the first night of the new Airdrie folk club held in the Fourways on May 27th.

We opened for Gaberlunzie on May 16 at Stirling Folk Club. I was joined by Robert McCreadie on Bouzouki.

Unfortunately the gig on May 14th with Poor Old Ben has been cancelled.

April 2005

I played at the Stirling Folk Club on April 4. Other artists playing included Cal, Alec Souter and Trilogy.

March 2005

I played at the Stirling Folk club as part of the Easter session on Monday 28th March. Everything seemed to go down well and I was invited to play again next month.

The cd is now available through Tower Records online.

February 2005

The online shop is now up and running.

The album has been featured in the "What's hot this month" recommendations in the latest edition of Music News Scotland.

January 2005

The album is now available through cdbaby in America.

December 2004

The Spokers Loan cd has now been completed

November 2004

The album has now been mixed and mastered and is currently being pressed.

October 2004

This months Music News Scotland has a review of the "Acoustic Sessions" gig I played in September. They have also printed pictures of all the performers.

September 2004

I was invited to open the first of the "Stirling:Live Acoustic Sessions" which was headlined by Ewan Macfarlane of The Grim Northern Social and also featured Kevin Harper of Vivamelodica at the Tolbooth on 16th September.

This was my first full solo set and feedback has been very positive.

June 2004

The Spokers Loan album is currently being mastered by Andrew Graeme at The Byre. Hopefully it will be available soon.

Our photograph was featured on the front cover of the latest Music News Scotland. The photo was taken at the Stirling:Live gig supporting Martin Stephenson.

I played a short set at the The Scribblers Picnic on June 20th at Bridgehaugh Rugby Club, Stirling. I played three songs in total, the first two I played solo and Alan joined me on djembe for the last. Scribblers Picnic is a charity event that has been running for the past two years which was named after a musician, journalist and teacher called Graham Whitelaw, who died from cancer in 2001.

We played at the Tolbooth on Thursday the 10th of June, supporting Dean Owens.

We played at the third "Sounds of the City" at Spencers in Stirling on June 4th.

April 2004

We were delighted to be asked to be part of the first Stirling:Live festival - the first local band to play the festival. We supported the incredible Martin Stephenson at The Tolbooth.

March 2004

We played on the main stage at the Cowane Centre in Stirling along with glow-valve, The Great Western and Rubix Touch. Bruce Michie joined us on Saxophone for the last half of the set.

November 2003

We played at The Tolbooth in Stirling on November 28th supporting The Pearlfishers and Amy Allison. I was accompanied by Alan Robertson on Djembe and John Paterson on Bodhran.